Ty and Steven are longtime friends that both have a love for cinema. Along with their other friend, Clint (AKA "the sound duder"), they started making short movies in 2001. Nine years later, in June of 2010, they started a movie podcast called "M and M Movie Roundup". They continued this until August 2012.

After a two year hiatus, they continued their podcast under a new name. They started a new podcast called "Cinema Sidekicks", where they continue today, talking about the movies they love and the movies they don't.

Ty and Steven love to talk about movies and share their opinions with their listeners. Use the links at the top of the page to subscribe and listen to the show.

Ty Mullet


Ty is known as "the unprepared, uninformed city slicker". Sometimes he comes unprepared, with little to no notes, and wings his reviews. Sometimes his reviews on movies are somewhat controversial, and that is why some would say he is uninformed. That is how he got the nickname. Either way, it opens up a great discussion of movies, and he always makes things lively with the excitement he brings to the show.

He prefers watching high-octane action movies because he is an adrenaline junkie (at least when it comes to movies). Action movies are primarily what drive him to go to the theater. He also enjoys a good disaster movie at the theater, from time-to-time, as well as a good suspenseful thriller or sci-fi movie, with spectacular special effects.

He also likes physical comedies because he just enjoys a good laugh, but does find it's getting harder and harder to find good solid comedies like there used to be. Lately, he has branched out and is watching more suspense/horror movies. He feels that there is no better rush than when you're scared. Still, he would rather watch most comedies and scary movies at home on Redbox or Netflix.

Lately, he is making it more of a point to go back and watch some of the critically acclaimed movies, including those awarded for best picture.

Favorite Movies:

(Hard to pick just 10)

-The Dark Knight
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-There Will Be Blood
-The Prestige
-Back to the Future
-The Bourne Ultimatum

Favorite Actors:

-Jim Carrey
-Steve Carell
-Liam Neeson
-Leonardo DiCaprio
-Reese Witherspoon
-Denzel Washington
-Kate Beckinsale
-Matt Damon
-Rachel McAdams
-Sandra Bullock

Favorite Directors:

Favorite: Christopher Nolan
-David Fincher
-Steven Spielberg
-Danny Boyle
-James Cameron
-Martin Scorsese
-Bobby and Peter Farrelly
-Wes Craven
-Ridley Scott
-Robert Zemeckis

Steven Miller


Steven is known as "the resident movie snob" on the show. However, he tends to give a movie a thumbs up, more often than not, as long as it succeeds on some level. Steven also loves to go the theater on a regular basis to catch the latest flicks. It’s not uncommon for him to watch over 80 movies in the theater in any given year. Although, his frustration with fellow moviegoers, who continually ruin the movie going experience, may very well keep him out of the theater in the future.

If Steven is forced to greatly reduce his time at the multiplex, he’ll be fine because of his love for classic cinema. Steven loves movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood and continues to explore different actors, directors and films from that era. He also loves to study the history of Hollywood and film in general. He continues to work diligently to help his co-host, Ty Mullet, gain an appreciation for the history of film.

Favorite Movies:

(Impossible to list them all)

(Some old school - Alphabetical order)

-Citizen Kane
-City Lights
-Double Indemnity
-Rear Window
-The General

(Some new school - Alphabetical order)

-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Into the Wild
-No Country for Old Men
-The Big Lebowski

Favorite Actors:

Favorite: Jimmy Stewart

(Remaining in alphabetical order)

-Al Pacino
-Buster Keaton
-Cary Grant
-Charlie Chaplin
-Grace Kelly
-Humphrey Bogart
-Ingrid Bergman
-Jack Lemmon
-Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite Directors

Favorite: Alfred Hitchcock

(Remaining in alphabetical order)

-Billy Wilder
-Buster Keaton
-Charlie Chaplin
-Joel and Ethan Coen
-Martin Scorsese
-Orson Welles
-Quentin Tarantino
-Stanley Kubrick
-Steven Spielberg